photo by @blacinuk

Since 2010, Kamilah Apong has lit up stages as she searches for answers regarding restorative justice, survivorship, and what lies beyond her wildest dreams. Beginning her journey as a backup singer and band member, she is now unapologetically tackling the navigations of all things love, trauma and healing as the front person of disco-house band, Tush. Never one to shy away from creatively experimenting, she has proven to be an artist committed to expanding her abilities and dons multiple hats as a producer, composer, song writer, video producer, and director. 

Throughout her career, she’s graced venues and festivals such as NYC’s Sounds of Brazil, TIFF, PRIDE Toronto, and a host of others with her eclectic sets. 2020 marked the beginning of a new endeavour as she began studying under d’bi young as in a sponsored residency. Her other notable accolades include charting on Jazzanova’s Top 10 list with Tush’s 2018 debut EP do you feel excited?, in addition to having Tush’s “Oh My” single tapped for a remix by celebrated house producer Osunlade. 

As a performer, she currently uses looping gear, live production and vocalizing. Abandoning any inhibition, she takes audiences for an all-encompassing experience by way of her performances, oftentimes crying on stage and intimately interacting with her audience.

For Kamilah, art and community are inextricably linked and she carries over a decade of community engagement practice into her artistry, evident in the founding of LIL SIS: an artist platform centering young and emerging artists, as well as her coordination of the live band, Regent Park based open mic, hummingbird.

Kamilah takes all things raw, unapologetic, messy, truthful, and turns it into art.

nov 27, 2021 // the coulson, sudbury

nov 30, 2021 // victory social club, toronto

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